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September 18th-19th 2020


Time & place


September 18th and  19th at 20:00

Teaterøen, William Wains Gade 11, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark

About the event


'Pynt' is a portrait of a young woman who is admitted to the psychiatric ward due to an eating disorder. From here, she tells her story that revolves around the beloved brother, their eccentric guardian, the relationship with the mysterious Alfrida and the ex-husband Mr. Johansen, as well as serious problems in finding oneself in their own body and identity. Her memories are mixed with everyday life in the ward, desperation, fantasies, imaginations, feelings and fears, written especially evocatively in Bjørn Rasmussen's prose, which is intuitive, harsh, tender and ruthless in treating the sick person's shame and self-punishment, and the society, she lives in.


Starring : Josefine Elfrida Hartvig Twisttmann
Director : Simon Twistmann
Playwright, author : Bjørn Rasmussen
Producer : Teater Fråds


The café opens half an hour before the show begins, where there will be the opportunity to buy drinks.



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