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May 2nd 2020

Livestream: Premiere

Alice in Wonderland

Look forward to a tribute to unreason, imagination and anarchy, when theatre Asterions Hus reveals a digital premiere of Alice in Wonderland Saturday the 2nd of May 2020 at 3PM (GMT +1). The performance is shown directly through the Facebook page of Asterions Hus or via Youtube.

Time & place

Saturday the 2nd of May at 3.00 pm. 

Duration: Approx. 40 min.

Facebook page of Asterions Hus. Follow the link below.

About the event


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole to a remarkable land, where everything can happen. A world full of magical creatures, where rabbits can talk, the Chesire cat leads you astray and queens are not pretty and good, but brutally chop off your head.

Join in when dancer and performer Tilde Knudsen tells her version of the beloved story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll inspired by a suitcase full of imaginative costumes by designer Susan Marshall. Based on modular pieces and the simple geometric shapes of circles, triangles and squares, the costumes are just as quirky and changeable as the fairy-tale land behind the locked door.

The performance is a non-verbal tour de force through the mysterious universe full of startling transformations and interchangeable characters.

It is free to watch.

The performance was supposed to premiere for an audience at Teaterøen in Copenhagen and thereafter perform at the Aprilfestival in Holbæk and later at Teater Møn. Unfortunately due to the Corona crisis the original premiere was cancelled and we had to think creatively – which is why we now reveal the performance online this time.

Age: For children between 5-10 years old

Performer: Tilde Knudsen
Costumier: Susan Marshall
Director: Peter Kirk
Composer: Klaus Risager
Choreographic consulent: Liv Mikaela Sanz
Photographer: Emile Carlsen
Live-stream in collaboration with Møn Sessions

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and William Demant Foundation.




Watch the trailer for the show

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