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Teatersalen, Teaterøen

24. – 25. jan 2020

The Chess Player

Based on the novella by Austrian author, Stefan Zweig, THE CHESS PLAYER tells a tale of a journey into and out of madness.

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Tid & sted

24th – 25th of January. Friday at 20.00, Saturday at 17.00 

Teatersalen, Teaterøen, William Wains Gade 11, 1432 København, Danmark

Om arrangementet


Imprisoned in a solitary confinement by the Nazis, a prisoner slides into insanity until he steals a book of grand chess tournaments. Living through them he holds onto reality. Desperate, he then creates new games dividing himself into two feuding chess masters, stumbling into self-inficted schizophrenia.

As Zweig’s story unfolds, the actor steps out of the action, building a meta-theatre frame around the play. He challenges the audience to examine the power of illusion, proposing that, like the prisoner, we depend on them to allow us to survive.


Tickets from 40 DKK via the button below. The café will be open half an hour before the show, where you can buy hot and cold drinks before and after the performance.

Medvirkende: Richard McElvin
Dramatiker, forfatter: Richard McElvin
Producent: Teaterøen
Arrangør: Teaterøen

In English
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