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Magneten, Teaterøen

Thursday, September 17th

Out of the Cage

A dance-performance about youth, social media and bullying.

Time & place


Thursday, September 17th at 19:00

Panoramasalen, Magneten, Teaterøen, William Wains Gade 18, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark

About the event


A dance performance about young people, social media and bullying.

Six guitarists surround a solo dancer who struggles desperately to withstand the pressure of her surroundings and herself. Audio recordings, in which students from primary and secondary schools talk about their own thoughts and experiences on social media and bullying, form a red thread throughout the performance and give us an insight into the a world that is being lived at this moment by those who are adults in just a minute.


Starring: Clara Wärme Otterstrøm and
CRAS Ensemble: Jacob Nørrelund, Mikkel Egelund, Peter Oldrup, Uffe Hansen, Søren Eriksen, Henrik Bay Hansen

Electronic musician: Aske Knudsen

Composer: Jan-Inge Wijk
Choreography: Clara Wärme Otterstrøm
Votes: Pupils from Køge Gymnasium, Pedersborg school in Sorø and Holluf Pile school in Odense.



The café opens half an hour before the show begins, where you can buy various drinks.


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